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Demographics of Germany
The population of Germany, currently numbering over 80 million, is primarily of German nationality.

Geography of Germany
This article describes the geography of Germany..

Religion in Germany
Today, the number of believers in all religions in Germany is smaller than it was in the past.

Social issues in Germany
The German social market economy helped bring about the "economic miracle" that rebuilt Germany from ashes after World War II

List of Famous Germans
Here is a list of famous Germans

Culture of Germany
Germany is known as das Land der Dichter und Denker (The Land of Poets and Thinkers). Famous German poets include Goethe, Schiller

Education in Germany
The education system in Germany has a long tradition of compulsory state schools..

States of Germany
Germany is a federation of 16 states.

Economy of Germany
Germany is the world's third largest economy and the largest in Europe..

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Banknotes of Germany
You will find pictures of banknotes from Germany along with country specific info.

Political Resources - Germany
Index of german political sites available on the Internet, with links to Parties, Organizations, Governments and Media

Banknotes of Germany Federal Republic
You will find pictures of banknotes from Germany along with country specific info.

You will find lots of information about Germany. Read about the Berlin Wall, the German culture and more..

Coat of Arms, Colours of the German flag, Flags of Political Parties and more...