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African Timelines

The worlds first virtual game reserve. Online cameras.

Estonia Map
A small map of Estonia

African Odyssey
This web site is devoted to an ongoing exchange of ideas, information, and resources between artists, teachers, and students of African arts and culture

The Living Africa
This site is a great resource to learn about the people,animals, and land of Africa.

KwaZulu-Natal People, Hlubi
Sotho people known under the general name Hlubi. These people, today, wear items of tribal dress which are no longer in use in Lesotho, the country of their origin. Nice images. - Banknotes of German East Africa
You will find pictures of banknotes from East Africa along with country specific info.

World Flag Database: OAU
Details and flags of OAU

Animals in ADDO Elephant National Park
A collection of photographs of African Elephants.

Africa Web Links: an Annotated Resource List

SAFARIWEB covers country-specific travel conditions and requirements, wildlife, parks and reserves...

Library of Congress Zaire
A library of Congress web site. This online book describes the political, economic, social, historical and geographical information of Zaire.

Truth and Reconciliation Commission Home Page
Welcome to the official Truth and Reconciliation Commission Website.

World Flag Database: Congo-Kinshasa
Details and flags of Congo Kinshasa

GORP - Kenya National Parks & Reserves
A great listing of National Parks and Reserves in Kenya.

Greatest Places: Okavango Page
Greatest Places is an online resource offered to teachers and students for understanding cultural and geographical unity/diversity provided by the Science Museum of Minnesota.

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