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A puzzle is a problem or enigma presented as entertainment; that is written down, acted out, e

Jigsaw puzzle
A jigsaw puzzle is a tiling puzzle that requires the assembly of numerous small, often oddly-shaped, interlocking pieces

Online Jigsaw puzzles
Select one of the images and you will have a sliced rectangular drag and drop jigsaw puzzle to play with. Observe the details of the image before it is shuffled

Tangram, an ancient and intriguing Chinese puzzle, consisting of seven geometrical pieces. Learn it's history, make a set, try solving one of the shapes or explore my links.

Master Index for All Puzzles, Tests & Games at
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AMazeGame is an addictive game built to help you pass your time on the web

Welcome to kidsworld-online
Puzzle page, games and more...

Beholder presents Planetarium
A puzzle-story in twelve weekly instalments.

Welcome to Confusion!
This is a site offering a variety of puzzles and brainteasers varying in difficulty from beginner to expert.

3D riDDle - Home Page
The idea in this little game is to navigate through a number of pages by solving three-dimensional riddles.

Crossword Puzzles - Home Page
THE starting place for exploring Crosswords, Puzzles and Word Games, from your Guide

Puzzle Connection - Home Page
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Branson Kids - Games Page - Branson Missouri
These pages are designed for kids of all ages who like to play really cool computer games.

Aboard Puzzle Depot
Devoted to puzzles, board games, trivia contests, related books and software. Test your brain on crosswords, riddles and word puzzles, logic and strategy software/board games, and a large selection of shareware.

Jigsaw Puzzles Are The Name Of The Game!
Blank, already together jigsaw puzzles that can be hand drawn, rubber stamped, stenciled, airbrushed or screenprinted. They will NOT fall apart until taken apart and are great for classroom projects, party invitations, letterwriting and greeting cards.

Internet Coach Puzzle Center
Make your own crossword puzzles.