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Juggling Information
World Wide Web's Juggling Information Service, serving the Internet juggling community by connecting all of the juggling related resources that we can find. If you're a juggler, or want to learn to juggle, or just want some information on juggling, this is the place to be.

In its general sense, juggling can refer to all forms of artful or skillful object

Jugglers Aquarium
List of juggling clips
Juggling tricks, tips, videos, how to juggle tutorials..

Learn to Juggle
The basic three ball juggle can be learned by most people in a short amount of time

Learn How To Juggle
This site provides an easy-to-follow method for learning how to juggle. Some people are natural juggles and will find they can juggle within a couple of hours of practice.

Learn to Juggle
Instructions for beginners learning to juggle.

Juggling Festivals
Information on all upcoming juggling festivals around the world

Juggle Master Animation
JuggleAnim is an Java applet for animating juggling patterns.

International Jugglers Association
This is a repository of information about the world's oldest organization of jugglers.

Learn how to juggle
Learn how to juggle up to four balls and three clubs, also how to do some cool tricks to show off.

JugIt Virtual Juggler Home Page
A program that turned the juggling patterns and physical parameters into three dimensional animations.

Beard Juggling Equipment
Juggling Equipment