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Textile Museum
The Textile Museum is dedicated to furthering the understanding of mankind's creative achievements in the textile arts..

A textile is any type of material made from fibers or other extended linear materials such as thread or yarn...

The Weaving Art Museum and Research Institute
An appreciation for masterpiece weavings produced in the eastern Mediterranean region .

A Short History of Manufactured Fibers
History of manufactured fiber from the invention of artificial silk (rayon) to the wash and wear revolution of acrylic, polyester and microfiber

Wool Works: frequently asked questions about fibers
Frequently asked questions about the stringy stuff hanging from needles and hooks.

Fabric Information and Facts is a sourcing, referral and information site directed at fabrics and fabric related items..

Natural Fibers
Natural Fibers catalog.

Fabric Assemblage/Collage- Sculpture and Collage - KinderArt®
Making a collage out of fabric.

History of Textiles
The History of Textiles, the industry, fashion and key developments

The Macedonia Folk Embroidery,
includes images of over 20 Macedonian textiles, with many more to be added. Details of embroidery techniques used on the textiles displayed.

4to40 : Color Textile Motifs / Patterns
Indian Textile Patterns, Designs for Fashion

Timeline of clothing and textiles technology
Timeline of clothing and textiles technology

Whole Earth: A Treefree Botanical of Plant Fibers
A Treefree Botanical of Plant Fibers

Fibers and Fiber Preparation
The Romans made use of several different types of fibers, although the used some more than others..

Symmetry and Pattern: The Art of Oriental Carpets
A collaborative work between The Textile Museum Washington DC, and The Math Forum, and discusses the history of Oriental carpets, plus illustrated mathematical aspects of carpet design.

Fiber Plants
People have been using plant fibres for thousands of years in order to make clothing, rope, paper etc..