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Timeline of photography technology
Timeline of photography technology

History of Photography
An extensive history, from earliest times to the 1920s. Includes information on all significant photographers with biogrphical data.

Wilson Snowflake Bentley - Photographer of Snowflakes
Wilson Bentley, (1865-1931)The Snowflake Man , Photographer of Snowflakes from Jericho, Vermont. Bentley photographed 5,381 snowflake images in his life time.

History - What is Photography?
The word photography comes from two ancient Greek words: photo, for "light," and graph, for "drawing." "Drawing with light" is a way of describing photography

American Museum of Photography
American Museum of Photography -
Daguerreotypes to modernism. Research center features a guide early photo processes; book reviews; information on preserving/protecting valuable photographs - Popular History of Photography and Family History
Rediscover your family photographs through researching your family history. The one-stop resource for interpreting and researching old, found, mystery or family photographs.

Graflex.Org: Speed Graphics, Large Format Photography
Dedicated to promoting the use and preservation of Graflex Speed Graphics and other classic and large-format cameras.

Photography Collections Online
A steadily growing digital image sampler and browsing resource for the vast photography holdings of George Eastman House

Mathew Brady
Mathew Brady portrait gallery..

History of Underwater Photography
History of Underwater Photography From as early as 1856

PhotoGuide Japan/PhotoHistory
History of photography in Japan from 1646 to today.

Timeline of photography technology
Timeline of photography technology

Masters of Photography
Articles and resources about famous photographers.

A History of Photography
Although no one knows for sure when a camera-type device was first discovered, the camera obscura became popular among Renaissance artists who used it to trace the image projected by light shining through a tiny hole...