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Color Pencil Art Lessons
An online tutorial using color pencil to create a drawing.

Kids Portal for Parents
The idea of 4to40 was born out of the recognition that education itself is not enough. That it has a higher goal - of helping our children become better human beings. Intelligent and sensitive to their immediate social - political - cultural - ecological surroundings.

Drawing and Sketching - Home Page
THE starting place for exploring Drawing and Sketching, from your Guide

Welcome to the World of Calli & Graphy
Learn how to write beautiful letters called calligraphy.

Music Education Online.html
A music education resource for students, parents and teachers.

Pen and Ink art lessons
The Pen & Ink drawing is similar to pencil in the line drawing. Learn how to create a pen and ink drawing.

Crayola Art Education
Art techniques and other features.

Pencil Graphite Art Lessons
Lessons in line drawing, shading, perspective, technique, positive and negative space and much more.

Free Art Lesson is a free visual arts lesson site. Dedicated to teaching the visual arts to all who would be interested. To help the parents of the home schooled and distance learned to teach the arts with our support.

Perspective art lessons
In our perspective lesson we are going to explore Single Point Perspective, Double Point Perspective, Triple Point Perspective, Foreshortening, Shadow Perspective, Proportioning and Dividing of Space, Planes and Directions and much more. This lesson is full of nuggets to get you started into understanding and using PERSPECTIVE.

K-6 art lessons, free art lessons and drawing lessons are offered from homeschoo
Projects library forchildren in the Kindergarten through 6th grade age group

Gary's Gallery - ART TECHNIQUES
Painting and drawing techniques in pastel and ink