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The World of Puppets
Use the World Wide Web to visit different countries and find out what the puppets are like in each one. Then you will make a puppet and write a play for that puppet.

Wood Engraving
Wood engraving is, simply, the art of engraving, using the medium of wood. This was the earliest type of engraving.

Wood Engraving
Wood engraving is, simply, the art of engraving, using the medium of wood. This was the earliest type of engraving.

ATHROPOLIS: Home of the Throps and the Squallhoots
When three children land upon an iceberg - they meet the Throps and the Squallhoots. Story, songs, games, learn about the Arctic, MP3 and MORE!

The Puppetry Home Page - Using Puppetry
The Puppetry Home Page is dedicated to international puppetry and lists puppetry information and resources.

The theater resources index page will lead you to thousands of theater related resources. Lot's of information.

American Variety Stage: Vaudeville and Popular Entertainment, 1870-1920
The American Variety Stage: Vaudeville and Popular Entertainment, 1870 - 1920, collection is a multiformat collection of selected materials from the popular stage and allied arts. Photographs and memorabilia of Houdini; English playscripts; Yiddish playscripts; a selection of playbills and program books; motion pictures; and sound recordings.

Master Seminars
Selected online transcripts of writers and producers

Is There Meaning in the Madness?
Especially for teens and young adults, a website designed to teach, entertain, and inspire: learn more about the raw materials of meaning and the toolbox of the Creative Imagination.

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New York Public Library Photography
The NY Public Library's Photography Collection contains 200,000 original photographic prints representing an international range of photographers, and comprising a thorough survey of processes, from the medium's 150+ year history.

The Architectonics Studio
The site contains lectures, example problems, case studies, structural typologies, essays, links, animations, movies, suggested readings and more.

Welcome to Cary Trivanovich's Web Site
A unique pantomime performance appropriate for the entire family, performing arts, teachers, colleges, university conferences, main stage events, etc.

A lesson in acting by the AWOL Mystery Acting Coach. Acting as conversation

Puppetools: The Internet Puppet Utility
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