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World Cultures
World Cultures is the culmination of over two years of web-based teaching and learning.

Culture of Greece
The culture of Greece has evolved over thousands of years, with its beginnings in Ancient Greece

Culture of Laos
Theravadan Buddhism has contributed greatly to the Lao culture. It is reflected throughout the country both in its language to the temple as well as art..

Pictures of Cultures and Communities
Hundreds of Pictures of Cultures and Communities from around the world

Culture of Mexico
The culture of Mexico reflects the complexity of Mexico's history through the blending of Pre-Hispanic Mesoamerican civilizations..

Culture of Thailand
The Culture of Thailand is heavily influenced by Buddhism. Other influences have included..

Culture of Egypt
The Culture of Egypt has five thousand years of recorded history. Ancient Egypt was among the earliest civilizations..

Culture of Italy
Italian culture is as varied and diverse as the Italian people. The culture of Italy can be found in the Roman ruins remaining in much of the country, the laws and philosophy of the Roman Catholic Church..

Culture of Afghanistan
The culture of Afghanistan has been around for millenia. Afghanistan's culture is largely influenced by Islam but has also been influenced by religions..

Culture of Kenya
Culture of Kenya - Kenya has no unique culture that identifies it. With such diverse regional peoples such as the Swahili along the coast, several pastoralist communities mainly in the North and the different communities in Central and Western regions

The Maasai or Masai are an indigenous African tribe of semi-nomadic people located primarily in Kenya and northern Tanzania..

German Culture
German Culture

Russian Culture
Russian Culture

PBS: Africa
PBS: Africa

Children's Folk Games
Children's Folk Games

Native American
Native American