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Costume Clipart
A great selection of costume clipart

Elizabethan Costuming Page
A great resource for Elizabethan costumes. Many links and pictures.

Women  17th Century Women's Fashion Plates

COMMUNITY: Dresses of India
Pictures and information about the dress in India.

JP NET Kimono Hypertext: Introduction
The history of the Kimono.

Mens  Fashions of the 17th Century
Images of mens fashions in the 17th century.

J. Moyr Smith's Ancient Greek Female Costume
The plates from Ancient Greek Female Costume.

The Sari
Traditional indian dress

18th Century Men's Dress
Pictures of 18th century mens clothes.

15th and 16th Century Gypsy Women's Costume
15th and 16th Century Gypsy Women’s Costume.

16th Century Near Eastern Women's Clothing
Near Eastern Women's Clothing From North Africa and the Levant.

18th Century Pockets, Bags and Muffs
Pockets, Bags and Muffs

19th Century Women's Undergarments
19th Century Women's Undergarments.

Victorian Women's Fashions in America
Pictures of Victorian Women's Fashions in America.

Diotima: Women & Gender in the Ancient World
Materials for the Study of Women and Gender in the Ancient World

The Evolution of the Kilt
The Highland Scots emigrated from Ireland around 375 ce. They displaced the native Picts and made the Highlands their own. From their native land, they brought Irish dress..