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alligator Facts and Info

Alligators are large reptiles with four legs and a huge tail which is half the length of animal. They are semiaquatic and carnivorous animal. They like to live in fresh water, swamps, canals, marshes and lakes. In America they are found in southeast part of US while Chinese alligators are found near the Yangtze River basin of China. Adult alligators like to eat birds, turtles, reptiles, fish and other mammals while the little ones eat snails, frogs, small fishes and others.

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All the species of alligators, caimans, crocodiles, and gharial together are known as “crocodilians.” That is sometimes shortened to “crocs” and still refers to all the species as a group

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This page is dedicated to the American Alligator. Learn about alligators feeding habits,habitat, and more. Includes pictures of alligators.


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