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Samuel Hearne
Samuel Hearne (1745 – November 1792), English explorer, was born in London

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Samuel Hearne Printable and Fact Sheet
Samuel Hearne Printable and Fact Sheet

The Journeys of Samuel Hearne
Samuel Hearne's remarkable journal was originally published two hundred Samuel Hearne was born in London, England. He served in the Royal Navy, then joined the Hudson's Bay Company, who sent him to Fort Prince of Wales (Churchill) in 1769. He became the first European to travel overland by canoe and sled to the Arctic Ocean by following the Copper Mine River ago.

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Samuel Hearne: North to the Arctic

Samuel Hearne
Hearne the fur-trader served his company well by land and by sea in a variety of responsibilities. The skill in observation and desire for realism revealed in his book mark him as a significant early naturalist. As an explorer and writer, he represents an interesting combination of physical endurance and intellectual curiosity.

Samuel Hearne Printable and Coloring Sheet
Samuel Hearne Printable and Coloring Sheet

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