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The American Experience: Alone on the Ice
In 1934, Richard Byrd became the first person to experience winter in the interior of the Antarctic. Features extended interviews, profiles of notable explorers, and an exploration timeline.

Richard E. Byrd
Rear Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd, USN was an pioneering American polar explorer and famous aviator.

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Richard E. Byrd
Richard Evelyn Byrd was a very busy man: explorer, naval officer, author, aviator, and writer..

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Antarctic Explorers: Richard E. Byrd
A detailed chronicle of his Antarctic expeditions.The Byrd Expedition was the first American expedition to explore Antarctica since the U. S. Exploring Expedition under Charles Wilkes in 1840.

Admiral Richard E. Byrd
Byrd pioneered in the technology that would be the foundation for modern polar exploration and investigation.

Byrd, Richard E.
Byrd learned to fly in World War I during his tour with the United States Navy. He developed a passion for flight, and pioneered many techniques for navigating airplanes over the open ocean including drift indicators and bubble sextants. His expertise in this area resulted in his appointment to plan the flight path for the U.S. Navy's 1919 transatlantic crossing. Of the three flying boats that attempted it, only Albert Read's aircraft the NC-4 completed the trip; becoming the first ever transatlantic flight

Richard Evelyn Byrd, Rear Admiral, United States Navy
He earned the Medal of Honor for his exploits in polar exploration. See the medals he received and his grave at Arlington National Cemetery.

Richard E. Byrd: The US Antarctic Service Expedition 1939-4