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Fraser 1808
Simon Fraser, an explorer and fur trader, was born in 1776 in Mapletown, Vermont...

George Heriot
A writer, government official and landscape painter, George Heriot is remembered mainly in the latter capacity...

Christopher Middleton
Middleton had been sent out in search of a Northwest Passage in order to ease the minds of merchants...

La Salle and Hennepin 1678-1681
The explorer René-Robert Cavelier de La Salle, who discovered the mouths of the Mississippi...

Henry Youle Hind
In the middle of the nineteenth century, the vast British territories west of the Great Lakes were under the control of the Hudson's Bay Company...

The Adventures of Daniel Boone
Published by John Filson on Boone's 50th birthday, the narrative describes in Boone's own words his exploits in the Kentucky wilderness from May, 1769 to October of 1782.

Franklin 1819-1822
After George Vancouver, the explorer who did the most to advance knowledge of the Canadian coast was unquestionably John Franklin...

Frobisher 1577
Sir Martin Frobisher, the first Englishman since the Cabots to look for a Northwest Passage to Asia, was probably born in 1539...

Charles Francis Hall
On his first voyage, Hall lost his ship in a storm..

Martin Frobisher
On his first voyage in search of the Northwest Passage Frobisher landed near Resolution Island...

Henry Morgan - a Welsh buccaneer
Welsh buccaneer and son of Monmouthshire.

Viscount Milton 1862-1863
Written by a young Englishmen with an adventurous spirit, The North-West Passage by Land played an indirect part in the creation of present-day Canada...

Robert Peary & Matthew Henson
Robert Peary and Matthew Henson opened up the gateway to the North Pole...

John Davis
Davis sighted land somewhere along the east Gronland coast on his first voyage

Joseph François Lafitau 1724
Joseph-François Lafitau, a Jesuit missionary and the discoverer of ginseng in North America...

La Salle and Tonty 1678-1688
In 1680, after the failure of his first attempt, La Salle retraced his steps and made preparations for a second expedition