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Mathew Alexander Henson
Henson's place in History. What he did with Peary. Timelines and more..

Matthew Henson
Matthew Henson was an American explorer who may have been the first to reach the Geographic North Pole with Robert Peary in 1909

chronology of Henson & Peary
Timeline of Henson & Peary

Matthew Henson
He was with Peary for seven years in the Arctic where they covered 9,000 miles on dogsleds. On the final trip in 1909 they finally reached the North Pole. Henson said he was the first man there because he was at the front of the sled and Peary was riding in the back of the sled

Robert Peary & Matthew Henson
Robert Peary and Matthew Henson opened up the gateway to the North Pole...

Matthew Henson: Arctic Explorer