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Leif Ericson
Leif Ericson was a Norse explorer, and the first European known to have discovered North America

Lief Ericsson
These pages are dedicated to the Leif Erikson Viking Ship RESTORATION PROJECT in Duluth, Minnesota, USA

Leif Erikson Day in United States
Leif Erikson Day honors the viking explorer of the same name. He is the first recorded Nordic person to have visited the area that is now the United States. It is believed that he visited Baffin Island and Labrador around 1000 CE. He is now honored with a holiday in the USA.

Leif Erikson
Christopher Columbus was not the first European to discover the New World! This commonly held belief is wrong. Columbus didn't reach the New World until 1492, 500 years after Leif Erikson's arrival in 1001 AD. Leif Erikson was the first European to set foot in the New World, opening a new land rich with resources for the Vikings to explore

Leif Eriksson

Leif Ericson Homepage
Biographies of the discoverer of America

Leif Ericsson
At the end of the tenth century ce the Scandinavians dominated the North Sea, Baltic Sea, and the northern Atlantic. As ‘Vikings’ they had raided the shores and, sailing the rivers, sites far inland. As ‘Norsemen’ they had settled in conquered areas. The Swedes had built up a trade network along the Eastern European waterways and were locally known as the Rus

The Viking Network: Leif Ericsson
The first European to reach the shores of North America grew up on Greenland..

Leif Ericson Biography (from ODIN)
Biography of Leif Ericson