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James Cook Printable and Coloring Sheet
Explorer James Cook Printable and Coloring Sheet

James Cook
James Cook (October 27, 1728 February 14, 1779) was a British explorer and navigator. He made three voyages to the Pacific Ocean..

James Cook Printable and Fact Sheet
Explorer James Cook Printable and Fact Sheet

Captain Cook's Charts
Chart of the NW Coast of America and NE Coast of Asia explored in the years 1778 and 1779

Captain Cook Study Unit
A study unit on James Cook 1728-1779.

Cook's Second Voyage and the HMS Resolution
Along with the mission to find the supposed 7th continent, Cook planned to circumnavigate the world. This second trip would also be a scientific expedition and Joseph Banks was originally planning to ride on the Adventure

Captain James Cook (1728-1779)
Navigator and explorer of the Pacific and Antarctic, born in 1728 in Yorkshire, England. From an early age Cook..

James Cook

Pacific Explorers Library - Captain James Cook
In 1768 Lieutenant James Cook, RN, set sail in Endeavour on a voyage of exploration and scientific investigation.

Cook's early life
Few people have ever seen the places the past explorer, James Cook, has ventured. Cook sailed around to far reaches of the world reaching all seven continents during his lifetime. He traveled on three very lengthy journeys with two different sailing ships, encountering hardship and triumph along the way

Captain Cook Birthplace Museum
Captain Cook Birthplace Museum

Who Was Cook
A multimedia presentation about the life of Captain Cook

Captain Cook Timeline
Captain Cook's Timeline

Cook's Third Voyage and Death
In the summer of 1776 Cook sailed again in the well-traveled Resolution. A new sister ship, the Discovery, and its captain, Clerke, were to look for the approach

James Cook Voyager
Stamps and other items issued to celebrate James Cook..

James Cook Biography
Captain James Cook was an English naval explorer whose expeditions in the 1770s charted much of the lands of the Pacific, including New Zealand, Australia and Hawaii. The son of an agricultural worker, Cook was apprenticed to shipbuilders and joined the navy in 1755