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Antarctic Explorers: James Weddell
James Weddell joined the Navy in 1796 and by 1815 had risen to the rank of Master...

Richard E. Byrd & the Second Byrd Antarctic Expedition

Paul A. Siple

Antarctic Explorers: Hubert Wilkins
Born at Mount Bryan East, South Australia, on October 31, 1888, Hubert Wilkins was the thirteenth child ...

Wilhelm Filchner

Robert Falcon Scott

Antarctic Explorers: Nobu Shirase
Born in 1861, Nobu Shirase's first exposure to exploration came on an expedition to the Karil Islands, north of Japan...

Antarctic Explorers: James Clark Ross
James Clark Ross, born in 1800, entered the Navy at 11 years of age..

Antarctic Explorers: Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen
. In 1819 Czar Alexander I of Russia authorized an expedition to the south polar region and thus the search was renewed...

Antarctic Explorers: Erich von Drygalski
Erich von Drygalski was born on February 9, 1865 in Köningsberg, East Prussia...

Jean-Baptiste Charles Bouvet de Lozier

Adrien de Gerlache
Information about Adrien de Gerlache...

Antarctic Explorers: Carsten Borchgrevink

Otto Nordenskjöld

Robert F. Scott

Douglas Mawson