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Christmas Activities

Take a look at our main Printable Page. You will find Holiday Printables, Mathematic Printables, Coloring Pages, Word Puzzles, Sudoku Puzzles and other fun activities. Visit our main page for web links and clipart resouces.

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Christmas Word Jumbles 16
Christmas Word Jumbles 17

Christmas Alphabet Soup 1
Christmas Alphabet Soup 2
Christmas Alphabet Soup 3
Christmas Alphabet Soup 4
Christmas Alphabet Soup 5

Christmas Decoding 1
Christmas Decoding 2
Christmas Decoding 3
Christmas Decoding 4
Christmas Decoding 5
Christmas Decoding 6

Christmas Alphabetical Order 4

Christmas Word Links 5
Christmas Word Links 6
Christmas Word Links 7
Christmas Word Links 8
Christmas Word Links 9
Christmas Word Links 10

Christmas Word Jumbles 11
Christmas Word Jumbles 12
Christmas Word Jumbles 13
Christmas Word Jumbles 14
Christmas Word Jumbles Easy A
Christmas Word Jumbles Easy 14B
Christmas Word Jumbles Easy 14C
Christmas Word Jumbles Easy 14D
Christmas Word Jumbles Easy 14E

Christmas Word Search 1
Christmas Word Search 2
Christmas Word Search 3
Christmas Word Search 4
Christmas Word Search 5
Christmas Word Search 6
Christmas Word Search 7
Christmas Word Search 8
Christmas Word Search 9
Christmas Wordsearch 10



Christmas Maze 1
Christmas Maze 2
Christmas Maze 3
Christmas Maze 4
Christmas Maze 5
Christmas Maze 6
Christmas Maze 7
Christmas Maze 8
Christmas Maze 9
Christmas Maze 10


Holiday Links and Resources

April Fools Day, Arbor Day, Bastille Day, Black History Month, Boxing Day, Chinese New Year, Christmas, Cinco de Mayo, Columbus Day, Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Fourth of July,


Ground Hogs Day, Halloween, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Labor Day, Martin Luther King, New Years, Presidents Day, Ramadan, Dawali, St. Patricks Day, Valentines Day, Veterans Day, Yom Kippur


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