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Probabilities in the Game of Monopoly
The results of an investigation of the probabilities for landing on the different squares on the Monopoly board with all of the rules taken into account..

Dan's Math - Home Lessons
Information and tutorials on statistic concepts.

The Probability Web: Home
The Probability Web is a collection of pages to serve people with interests in probability theory and its applications

Berrie's Statistics Page
The purpose of this page is to illustrate some statistical concepts using QuickTime movies and java applets.

Statistics Every Writer Should Know
Described in plain English,some basic concepts in statistics

San's math lessons - Statistics
Examples and statistics solutions.

Math Forum: Ask Dr. Math - High School Level
Questions and answers from Mr. Math. You can submit your own questions.

Statistics Page
Some animations in quicktime format that illustrate certain aspects of statistical distributions

K-12 Statistics Page
Here is a list of resources in statistics including lessons and useful data sets. The links are organized to follow the NCTM Standards.

The Prime Page

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