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Units of Measurement
A Dictionary of Units of Measurement..

Units of Measurement Worksheets
A variety of measurement worksheets free for downloading.

Conversions - online metric converter - US customary & metric conversions for un
Online metric converter gives US customary and metric conversions for unit measurements including area, length, temperature, pressure, time, volume, weight, speed and velocity, by Science Made Simple.

Convert world
Interactive calculators used to for converting between currencies, weight, volume, mass, time, distance and more.

NCTM 5-8 Measurement Standard
In grades 5-8, the mathematics curriculum should include extensive concrete experiences using measurement. Metric Conversion Tool
A handy tool for converting from standard (American) measurements to metric. Great for kids, home, and business use.

The Metric System
Used in nearly every country in the world the Metric System was devised by French scientists in the late 18th century to replace the chaotic collection of units then in use..

Conversions and calculations including length, volume, area, and more

Metric Conversion Tables
The following list provides the conversion relationship between U.S. customary units and SI International System units.

Measurements Converter
This version of Measurements Converter is implemented in JavaScript.

NCTM K-4 Measurement Standard
In grades K-4, the mathematics curriculum should include measurement so that students can...

Metric Conversion in JavaScript
Online metric conversions.

Math-Kitecture - Using Architecture to Do Math...Draft a Floor Plan with ClarisW
This page is about using architecture to do math, such as drafting a floor plan using ClarisWorks.

Facts about measurements illustrated by using online interactive lessons, exercises, practice and games for grades K-8

Convert-me.Com: Interactive measurements calculator, weights and measures / metr
Convert-me.Com: Interactive units conversion. Online calculators for quick and easy conversion from meters to inches, from Celsius to Fahrenheit, from acres to hectares, etc.

Measure 4 Measure
A collection of sites that estimate, calculate, evaluate, and translate. A very large collection of conversion tools.


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