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African American
American Revolution
Civil Rights
Civil War
Colonial Period
Day In History
Discovery of America
Dust Bowl
Early US
Fight for Independence
First Americans
First Ladies
Founding Fathers
Gold Rush
Growth and Expansion
Inaugural Addresses
Industrial Revolution
New Deal
Suffrage Movement
Vice Presidents
Westward Expansion

History and Politics Out Loud: a searchable archive of politically significant a
HPOL is a searchable multimedia database documenting and delivering authoritative audio relevant to American history and politics.

Wessels Living History Farm
Explore the history of farming and agricultural innovation through oral history interviews with people who lived it. The site emphasizes learning through primary historical documents, photographs and streaming video.

Wisconsin Labor History Society
A society dedicated to keeping stories of workers and unions of Wisconsin alive.

Nebraska Studies
Explore the history and geography of Nebraska and the Great Plains from prehistory into the 21st century. The site emphasizes learning through primary historical documents, photographs, letters, and streaming video. Includes stories of African-Americans, Native Americans, western expansition and more.

The History of Mount Rushmore
It started as an idea to draw sightseers. In 1923 state historian Doane Robinson suggested carving some giant statues in South Dakota's Black Hills

The Evolution of the Conservation Movement, 1850-1920
The Evolution of the Conservation Movement, 1850 - 1920, collection contains a multiformat collection of photographs, printed works (including government documents) and manuscripts documenting the Conservation movement in the United States. Features an album of paintings, photographs, and scientific and literary works produced by the Harriman Alaska Expedition in 1899.

PBS: Not For Ourselves Alone: The Story of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. A
The Story of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony.

The Age of Imperialism
The Age of Imperialism: An On-line History. This history unit covers United States expansionism around the turn of the century, with many links to related sites on the Net.

USPS - The United States Postal Service (Postal Service, Post Office)
This site features online services such as ZIP Code Lookup, Change of Address, Express and Priority Mail Track The TIME 100
TIME profiles the 100 most influential people of the 20th century over five fields of endeavor -- Leaders & Revolutionaries, Artists & Entertainers, Builders & Titans, Scientists & Thinkers, and Heroes & Icons.

America's Quilting History
The history of American quilting coveringwomen and their quilting from Colonial America to the Great Depressionplus Native American, African American and Amish quilts.

Kansas History
Hundreds of Kansas-related poems

The 20th Century
The Twentieth Century

War of 1812 - The Glengarry
The Glengarry Light Infantry Fencibles

War of 1812

The History Place - A New Nation
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