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Henry Morton Stanley
Sir Henry Morton Stanley was a 19th-century, Welsh-born, United States journalist and explorer famous for his exploration of Africa and his search for David Livingstone. Picture of Henry Morton Stanley

Stanley, Sir Henry Morton
Students construct a 3-dimensional paper pyramid, cover the inside walls with pictures representing their lives, and write an autobiography.

Henry Morton Stanley Biography
Born into poverty, John Rowlands left Wales and in 1858 arrived in New Orleans, Louisiana, where he took the name Henry Stanley. He fought as a Confederate in the U.S. Civil War, was captured

Henry Morton Stanley
Henry Morton Stanley was born in Denbigh, Wales, in 1841. He became a cabin..

Henry Morton Stanley Printable and Fact Sheet
Henry Morton Stanley Free Printable and Fact Sheet

Sir Henry Morton Stanley
The illegitimate son of John Rowlands, Stanley was raised in a workhouse and by relatives until he was 15, when he left for New Orleans. There he was befriended by a merchant, Henry Stanley, whose name he took..

Henry Morton Stanley Printable and Coloring Sheet
Henry Morton Stanley Free Printable and Coloring Sheet

Henry Morton Stanley


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