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Photography is the process of making pictures by means of the action of light. It involves recording light patterns, as reflected from objects

Smithsonian Photographers Shoot Fireworks
How to shoot pictures of fireworks.

Mongolia Pictures
more than 3000 pictures of mongolia online

Digital Cameras, Digital Imaging, Digital Photography, Digital Scanners
The Latest on Digital Cameras, New Cameras, Scanners, Software, and more...

KODAK: How to Make and Use a Pinhole Camera
By using common household materials, you can make a camera that will produce pictures..

How to Make a Pinhole Camera
Making pinhole cameras and exposure guides

Electronic Photo-Imaging @ the EPIcentre
Electronic Photo-Imaging's EPIcentre is dedicated to the new Art and Science of Digital Imaging - offering news, reviews, reports, articles...

George Eastman: The Wizard of Photography
The story of George Eastman and how he transformed photography...

Using your digital camera's macro mode
All you need to know to get close to your subject

Scanners and Digital Cameras - Digital Eyes
Digital Eyes, the encyclopedia of scanning and digital photography. News, reviews, specifications, and links to scanners, digital cameras, and software.

Introduction to Macro Photography
Macro photography is generally regarded as covering a range of degrees of close-up work from say half-lifesize..

Macro Photography
Macro photography is photography of subjects that are very small, but not so small as to require a microscope

American Photography
Information about American Photography

pinhole Gallery
Welcome to the Pinhole Gallery. This site is dedicated to the fine art of pinhole photography in all it's shapes and sizes...

Take Better Photos
Practical help for the beginner with a chance to submit photos.

Amish Photo Gallery Index
A gallery of timeless pictures of the Amish people photographed by Bill Coleman.